What is url address to Binance DEX – link to new exchange?

Many people are looking for the link to new Binance DEX exchange. But currently the official url address is not known. Below is the link to the test version. Recently, Bitcoin has displayed a stronger position in the stock market, which means that it has been unable to find a stable direction for nine sessions in a row. According to many analysts, this may stand up to high expectations and cause the BTC exchange rate to return to around $ 3,700 or less from January / February at over $ 3,400.

So what is url address to Binance DEX? This is a link to the Binance DEX test version: https://testnet.binance.org/

The new Binance DEX exchange

The aforementioned cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance, announced the start of a completely new panel in the first quarter of 2019. Binance DEX is to become the world’s first fully decentralized digital asset exchange run by the community. The Binance DEX exchange will enable users to send BNB tokens as part of the stock exchange, issue new digital assets, burn cryptocurrencies, freeze them, and propose new trading pairs.


Chain and the Binance DEX have now entered public Testnet phase at testnet.binance.org

The founders expect to generate a block within 1 second and a sufficient one-time transaction confirmation. The platform is to provide bandwidth at the level of thousands of transactions per second.

“From the first day, Binance DEX will support hardware portfolios. That’s why you can be sure that your private keys will never leave the device. “

What’s next with cryptocurrencies?

Analysts note that since the beginning of the year Bitcoin has gained just 4%, and for example Litecoin, the second of the oldest digital assets, increases by over 84%. At the same time, three-digit appreciation is recorded by Binance Coin and Holochain, and EOS strengthens by 40%.

Thus, the cryptocurrency market is gaining momentum and is close to entering the upward trend. This is confirmed by the capitalization chart of the altcoin market (excluding Bitcoin), which on a weekly basis consolidates on the historical minima below the 200-period average.

Technical indicators, which in the long term suggested that demand for Bitcoin remains, are beginning to reverse their indications. After the first gains from seven months in February and the rebound from 52-week minimums, the MACD index imposed on the Bitcoin price has been gradually falling for almost four weeks.

Interestingly, 73-year-old Marc Faber is a well-known Swiss stock exchange analyst and investor who predicted the stock market crash and admitted that at the end of February this year. he bought his first Bitcoins. A little earlier, he himself spoke critically about blockchain currencies, and today he says:

What’s happening with Bitcoin? What is the future?

More and more are said that market conditions and electricity costs have reduced the profitability of cryptocurrency mining. Therefore, miners are forced to use renewable energy to reduce Bitcoin mining costs. Miners use solar energy. Below is a comment from Reddit on this topic:

“I just installed solar panels to run my excavators during the day. I not only heat my house, but I have reduced my mining costs by 75%. “

So the future of BTC extraction is shimmering in dark colors. But analysts remind that the Binance Stock Exchange has gained the position of one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, and its token Binance Coin (BNB) entered the list of the top 10 cryptocurrencies. Apparently, the currency climbed to the seventh place of the ranking in terms of market capitalization and recorded a significant increase.

Solar Alliance Energy Inc. (supplier of renewable energy installations) is also focusing today on the incredible role that renewable energy can play in supporting the development of the cryptocurrency market.

Binance Coin (BNB) is the new Bitcoin?

For many months, people have been looking for a new Bitcoin, and it turned out that he was in front of his eyes all the time. So, are we dealing with a new bitcoin? Forbes appreciated the hitherto action and efforts of the Binance Stock Exchange with its growing value in the BNB token. Binance Coin reached the level of 5.90 dollars in January and since then has increased to 14.23 dollars * much to exceed many cryptocurrencies on the market).

Binance Coin started the year with number 31 on the list of coins at market value and has since become the eighth largest coin on the market. As we mentioned above, the future of cryptocurrencies is quite good. It is worth to enter the above-mentioned url address to the Binance DEX Stock Exchange