Tron coin? TRX price is up 98%. How to buy Tronix?

tron crypto coin

Depending on the source, we can observe a significant increase in the Tron price. According to Global Crypto Analysts, TRX eyes $0.02 target on the road to $0.03. TRX last traded at Yobit exchange. It had high of $0.02 and low of $0.01 for December 13-14. The open was $0.01. Tronix is up 515.73% in the last 30 days from $0.00 per coin. So, its up 687.74% in the last 100 days since when traded at $0.00 and the annual trend is up. 200 days ago TRX traded at $0.00.

What is Tron (TRX)?

Tron, also known as Tronix, is a token created for the Chinese digital entertainment industry. Tron is a blockchain-based protocol for a free content entertainment system, allowing each user to publish, store and own data, and in the decentralized autonomous form, decides the distribution, subscription and push of contents and enables content creators by releasing, circulating and dealing with digital assets, thus forming a decentralized content entertainment eco system. TRX is cross-compatible with existing blockchains such as EOS, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Qtum. Tron is a platform that leverages the advantages of all of these blockchains and enables developers on the Tron network to make the best use of these technologies.

What is important Tron has additional values of information storage and identification, with records about user acquisition and TRX spending stored in the blockchain. It is worth mentioning that core information will be accessed by all TRX apps, acting as the only credential for users to play in the global entertainment system.


trx price tronix

The price of TRON (trx) increases by 98%

How to buy TRON?

TRON is actively traded on Binance, but a few months after the ICO the project is still far from readiness. Still, the team considers the long-term view: The sale is done in 3 phases, with users able to contribute BNB, BTC or ETH tokens during each phase of the ICO. While Tron will support all kinds of virtual currencies, as the official currency of the platform, TRX will be used for the conversion and circulation of the entire world’s virtual currencies in TRON. The first million registered users will be rewarded with considerable TRX tokens by registering on the TRON platform.
We can conclude that this is an absolutely incredible project, with great backing and a surefire system to get this product in front of people and get lots of use in the future. Founder – Justin Sun believes the future is bright. “I believe TRON will bring some major changes to today’s online entertainment industry and will endow the entire digital entertainment industry with a sense of globalization.”

The development milestones for TRON include:

  • Realized the local loading and calibration of blockchain;
  • Expanded format and definition of UTXO based on signature and verification of new structure;
  • Partnered with Gifto, a new universal virtual gifting blockchain platform;
  • Modified the definition of Genesis Block and optimized the method and creation of blockchain;
  • Added the method to find the transaction information in the blockchain;
  • TRON’s token TRX is now listed on Hong Kong exchange bitnewex.

The Tron Foundation is set up with the approval of the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) and under supervision and regulation of the Company Law of Singapore.

What people say?

“How does TRON remove the middleman, are they developing their own free platform? The reason youtube and itunes take a huge cut is because these content creators are using their platform.”

“More than what pochacod has already stated but Tronix will allow YT users to create their own sidechain coins. For example I could make ‘skorghcoin’. I can then sell these coins to my early viewers or later investors. Profit of my videos are then evenly distributed between holders of my ‘skorghcoin’ so someone that maybe gave me a few thousand that helped me buy a new webcam, guitar or whatever would see a return on his investment”

“Content generates profit from consumers paying for it but I think ads will still exist. Ads are the primary way anything makes money right now so I imagine that TRON will create a way content creators can easily implement it. In order to support the Tronix eco system they can contract ads to pay the exchange rate for TRX. So content creators would generate TRON from running ads and businesses would further support TRON by buying it so they can pay out for ads.”