Trigger (TRIG) crypto coin – where to buy? Price and prediction

triggers trig

What is Trig crypto coin?

The company behind Trig Coin is called Blocksafe. Triggers are based on Counterparty technology. By using the consensus provided by Blockchain technology, Blocksafe allows for cryptographically
enforced safety for connected Smartgun technology. Blocksafe undertakes to provide the solution to the gun safety debate. Correspondingly, Blocksafe provides the final argument by providing an all-inclusive solution to gun safety issues.

The blocksafe foundation believes that an anonymous, secure and decentralized infrastructure must be in place for smartgun technologies to reach their full potential. As we can read on the project website, these technologies can anonymously reduce gang activity, locate stolen firearms, prevent malignant gun use and more. Saving lives by providing an infrastructure for enhanced self-defense features.

Let’s take a look at the asset ‘Triggers (TRIG)’ by Blocksafe and what they are.

“Triggers (TRIG), a machine to machine token, powers the Blocksafe Smartgun tech network economy. Triggers power every event that takes place between smart devices participating in the Blocksafe network.”

trigger chart

On 29/12/2017 TRIG reached the price of $ 5.73 USD. Nice?

How to buy Triggers (Trig)?

To store your Triggers just make a Counterparty wallet. Note that most wallets handle transaction fees with BTC. Also, by using Counterparty, Triggers effectively run on the Bitcoin Blockchain – the most stable Blockchain to date (often referred to as “THE Blockchain” due is sheer size and crypto market dominance).

Price and prediction about this coin

Triggers are undervalued and have great potential for growth. We can assess that, they have a solid business model with partners that can help bring Smart Guns and Blockchain technology together. Innovations that are integrated into Blocksafe with their existence are supported in a modular network. The participation in the work required to carry out the block safe consensus will be rewarded proportionally with tokens.

The trigger coin serves as currency within the trigger system. A total of 100 million triggers tokens are in circulation. According to the statistics, the blockchain market will be worth $2,313 million by the year 2021, since a lot of people are opting for this form of currency and self-defense mechanism. As controversial as this technology might sound to some, it happens to be a safer choice for others.


Currently, the token price is growing, and Reddit users’ predictions are promising.

“They are working on far more than just tracking firearms and ballistics. Anyone who thinks militaries around the world won’t be knocking on their door wanting a piece of this technology is blind. Imagine you have a minor felony on your record and can no longer own a firearm. Attorneys will argue for changes in the law so that you could own a smart-gun. Any gun owner would be interested in having a tracking device in their weapon, so it could be recovered if stolen. Not only that, if you have a firearm stolen, and the thief uses it in a crime and then discards it, the tracking info could be the evidence that exonerates you from being implicated. BlockSafe is going to be huge. Holding TRIG is a no-brainer.” – (Reddit user KangNomPec)

“I hope that your project will be developed very quickly but stably. I also hope that investors will appreciate what you are doing. Now, however, you need a slightly larger volume of Bittrex market because 0.25 BTC today and 0.05 BTC yesterday is very little. I think that you need a minimum of 1 BTC per day. Let’s get trade!” – (Bitcointalk – SmartCryptoCoin)