Super Bitcoin for every BTC held. New Hard Fork

super bitcoin

What is Super Bitcoin?

Super Bitcoin hard fork to launch tuesday to ‘Make Bitcoin Great Again. A hardfork is a change to the bitcoin protocol that makes previously invalid blocks valid, and therefore requires all users to upgrade. Super Bitcoin is a Chinese effort looking to optimize Bitcoin through measures such as Lightning Network and an 8-megabyte block size. Developers said they were acting according to ideas from the Bitcoin community. SuperBitcoin is nonetheless notable for its supply 21,210,000, which includes 210,000 pre-mined coins.

One Super BTC for every BTC held

The bitcoin community has therefore gathered a group of enthusiasts and developers who share the goal of revitalizing bitcoin dominance. The fork will take place at block height 498888, after which new functionalities will be added to the forked chain. The original bitcoin holders will be compensated with one super BTC for every BTC held. As we learned from the project website, the 210,000 pre-mined tokens will be managed by the Super BTC Foundation and primarily used to encourage early developers, invest in the super BTC ecosystem and ensure the operation of the Super BTC Foundation.

A lot of Bitcoin forks

The rising trend of Bitcoin forks comes on the heels of the decline of the age of ICOs. The sudden boom in hard-forked cryptocurrencies can be seen as a series of opportunistic grabs to take advantage of the benefits of being a member of the Bitcoin brood. In recent weeks, a bunch of different people have announced plans to create new currencies. There’s Bitcoin Silver, Bitcoin Platinum, Bitcoin Diamond, Bitcoin Uranium, Bitcoin Cash Plus, and Super Bitcoin. Bitcoin Uranium and the previously signaled Bitcoin Silver still have yet to reveal their intended snapshot dates. Super Bitcoin, which has claimed the slogan ‘Make Bitcoin Great Again’, promises a block size expansion to 8MB as well as the all-important free balance duplication.

superbitcoin website

For now, the project website is poor in information.