PlayKey (PKT) coin crypto – where to buy, exchange & prediction

playkey pkt

What is PlayKey (PKT)?

PKT coin will be used for transactions between miners and gamers, and for purchasing gaming software. During the first stage, Playkey will integrate the PKT wallet into all Playkey accounts and will transfer all current transactions to PKT. PlayKey tokens will be bought by gamers on cryptocurrency exchanges, or on Playkey’s official website. Gamers pay tokens to miners for playing, miners share revenue with the Playkey Foundation, which supports the software, organizes relationships with publishers, marketing and ecosystem development.

As we can read in Whitepaper, Playkey will be offering packages that can be used in smart contracts between miners and gamers fixing gaming time and quality preferences (HD, Full HD,Ultra). A smart contract monitors the specified conditions of achievement or violation of the contract’s clauses, and makes independent decisions based on the conditions that have been programmed. The Playkey Foundation promises that the smart contract ensures full automation and reliability of contractual relations between people.

“We expect that an open, decentralized cloud gaming market will provide both private and professional miners with the opportunity to generate 2-3 times more cash with a lower risk level than crypto mining, and will decrease prices for gamers by 50%, which will allow more gamers to play games, thus expanding Playkey’s user base and number of hardware providers.” (

Where to buy PKT crypto coin?

PKT is available on many platforms. For decentralized exchanges you need an ETH-wallet. They recommend using MyEtherWallet (MEW) to store this cryptocurrency. There are no major fluctuations on the market right now, nor is there a large quantity of PKT. Many people prefer to hang onto their tokens until PKT is released on major exchanges or its value goes up.

Playkey plans to set up an ICO with an issuance volume of 100 000 000 PKT tokens to achieve
the following goals:

  • Integrate blockchain technology into the Playkey gaming service;
  • Reach 10m active players in the USA, EMEA, and APAC regions;
  • Develop a decentralized, resource-sufficient, safe and fast P2P game streaming solution, where
    miners can provide their powerful resources to the gamers.
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PKT Foundation runs a blog with fresh news and has close relationships with customers

Predictions, reviews and Exchange

In November 2017, over 2,500 crypto-investors poured cash into PKT and took part in the ICO Playkey. The project collected more than $10,5 million, according to the Dec, 2017 cryptocurrencies exchange rate, for developing a decentralized solution. Unlike during the token sale, the value of the tokens can be conditioned by many factors, including mechanisms of supply and demand on the market, the availability of a product ready for commercial implementation, and many others.

Cloud Gaming is the Future!

It is certain, that Playkey will decentralize the infrastructure. Servers purchased by the Development Fund after the ICO will be put on open auction, and every PKT holder will have the chance to purchase computing capacity that will generate revenue for its owner. PlayKey (PKT) has many positive opinions on forums. We can assume that the predictions are good, but we still need time to say – with absolute certainty. The price for PKT on 23/02/2018 is: $ $0.90982 USD.

Experts believe that gaming will go to the cloud in the future and Playkey — that the cloud gaming platform should be decentralized. As they write on their website, there is interest from exchanges, and then there is the process of negotiating and signing agreements. At any point an exchange might reverse its intention to collaborate, and at the same time other exchanges might be added. So it is, in fact, impossible to provide a specific list.

“This unique gaming platform from Playkey is revolutionizing the game market in this 21st century. Not only is the platform for game lovers but serves as a system for crypto enthusiasts to mine from the platform. We will look at the role of this platform in the gaming market.” (