OAX crypto coin – where to buy, price and prediction

oax coin crypto

What is OAX crypto coin?

The primary objective is to promote the real world application of the OAX platform and ecosystem. It also aims to initially develop the OAXplatform and advocate governance and promote the core values of being open, transparent and decentralized. OAX crypto is an ERC20 token developed to fuel an open-source decentralized exchange platform “openANX” which provides an aggregated order book to increase liquidity; holds collateral for asset gateways to reduce credit risk; and features an off-chain, predetermined dispute resolution system governed by the Decentralized Autonomous Organization to maximize consumer protection.

As you can see in the chart, OAX is doing well and its price is increasing.

Where and how to buy OAX?

The Foundation will fund the development of the openANX decentralized exchange discussed in this paper through the issuance of OAX coins. These tokens will run natively on the Ethereum blockchain and will be offered to backers of the openANX project via a token sale. The token sale will be launched on or about the 22nd June 2017. A second token sale will take place once the initial prototype has been developed and tested to fund its deployment. For more information on the OAX token, see Section 5.1 – Membership.

The tokens will be distributed in the following manner:
80% (30/30/20) of the tokens will be eventually allocated amongst the community; the
remaining 20% will be allocated to the Foundation initiator, early backers, and the
development team.

Predictions about this cryptocurrency?

As we read on Reddit and BitcoinTalk, you can see that the currency has good predictions, and fans are constantly coming:
“Decentralized exchange has really big scope these days this topic going very hot. This project is looking very attractive so I will follow this thread for further updates and I hope you will offer some bounties to support this ICO.” (mcfom, bitcointalk)

“This sounds interesting this idea has big potential so let’s see how you will push this into real world. I also will follow this topic to let know how to this will move forward and what kind of bounties you will offer in coming days.” (addicto, bitcointalk)

“Okay, let’s look inside this project, hopefully not boring on the most unattractive roadmap to follow as well and many new things to be developed attract many people on this thread” (piebeyb, bitcointalk)