Nucleus Vision (NCASH) coin crypto – where to buy, exchange & prediction


What is Nucleus Vision (NCASH)?

Nucleus Vision is an end-to-end technology solution that captures and provides previously unaccessed data to retailers and other ‘brick and mortar’ businesses through its proprietary blockchain and real time sensor technology. Nucleus Vision has built the world’s first IOT based contactless identification system, while building the largest universal loyalty program using crypto-currency.

nCash is the decentralized cryptocurrency of the Nucleus Vision ecosystem, which is used for various transactions across Nucleus Vision. The nCash token will be the currency for this data exchange, to remunerate data providers and to reward customers for sharing their data. Micro-payments in the form of nCash tokens will enable this secure data transfer across various involved parties and our sensors.

Trusted by 100’s of Brands

Customers earn nCash tokens each time they visit or shop at a Nucleus Vision powered store, and are empowered to monetize their shopping data as well. The nCash tokens also act as a universal loyalty program, where customers can use nCash as loyalty reward points across any retail partners on the Nucleus Vision network.

Where to buy NCASH crypto coin?

Public nCash token sale has been cancelled as the hard cap was successfully reached during pre sale. nCash is available on many platforms. nCash has a total supply cap of 10 billion nCash tokens, and there will be no further issuance or creation of nCash tokens in the future.

Token Sale Details:

  • 5% Bounty & Subcontractors
  • 5% Advisors
  • 25% Founding team & Employees
  • 25% Company Reserve
  • 40% Public contributors

Predictions, reviews and Exchange

Nucleus Vision (NCASH) has many positive opinions on forums. We can assume that the predictions are good, but we still need time to say – with absolute certainty. What is important that retailers in the Nucleus Vision network can reward their users with offers using nCash, which can be redeemed across any retailer in the Nucleus Vision network. With nCash, Nucleus Vision has created an interoperable loyalty program that enables customers to earn and redeem nCash tokens with multiple Nucleus Vision partners across the globe. Now customers can also cash out their loyalty points at crypto exchanges.
The price for nCash on 02/03/2018 is: $ $0.0354507.

Founded at Harvard University, Nucleus Vision is an IoT-based, contactless identification system that empowers retailers to identify and better serve their customers