Neblio (NEBL), Aion (AION) and Bread (BRD) – where to buy?

new crypto coins

Yes, there are new coins that are waiting for your big moment. One of the largest stock exchanges, has launched the sale of interesting coins. Among other things, we’ll find: Neblio (NEBL), Aion (AION) and Bread (BRD).

Neblio (NEBL)

neblio crypto coin


The Neblio Blockchain Platform is a development platform built to simplify and accelerate the development and deployment of distributed applications on the NEBL Blockchain, and potentially other blockchain networks in the future. The Neblio Platform was built from the start for enterprise distributed application development. A suite of RESTful APIs, in almost all of today’s programming languages, will allow developers to intuitively interact with the Neblio blockchain network without having to know the complex details of blockchain technology.

Aion (AION)

aion coin crypto


The Aion project led by the team at Nuco, is building a network to bring disparate blockchains together into an interoperable ecosystem where transactions and state changes can be witnessed and transmitted across blockchains. The AION team is engaging with current enterprise clients already utilizing the Aion engine, to effectively scale their networks, assets or applications. At the core of the Aion network lies the Aion-1 public blockchain, functioning as a router that enables the creation of bridges between participants in the network. It is also a purpose-built, high performance infrastructure for developing and launching powerful and prefessional interchain applications.

Bread (BRD)


The Bread token is the base unit in our loyalty and rewards program, designed to incentivize users to use the Bread app. Users will be able to earn BRD tokens through various special promotions such as accessing revenue generating features or simply using the app often.

Which cryptocurrency is better?

At the moment, the above coins have only debuted on the stock exchange and it is difficult to predict what they offer. The main interest in us is the coin: AION, which will utilize a token aimed at incentivizing the various parties involved in both validating transactions and putting up the resources to transact between the different networks.
What is important, Aion started its token pre-sale on October 3, raising over $7.3 million in just under one week. The Aion project has now secured $21 million to connect compatible blockchains operated independently to allow the instant, global transfer and recording of data and value!
“Aion is the key to unlocking the long-term potential of blockchains for the entire world” – said Matthew Spoke, CEO of Aion.