Lisk coin price prediction. Is it worth investing?

lisk price
Lisk, which has had a strong month (november) until now, coming from a low of $4 to a high of $10.58, experienced a major drop in price, falling to almost $7, which, according to most, is due to the rebranding date announced at the Berlin meet-up. Lisk is an important example of how quickly things can evolve in the price department. The past three months have been especially spectacular, as the Lisk price has risen from under US$2.5 all the way to its current value of US$9.84.

Exchange rate almost perfect

Lisk, which had an ICO back in May of 2016, has managed to build a strong community, and recently expanded their team, along with their marketing efforts. With $124 million in 24-hour trading volume, Lisk is certainly in higher demand than some of the top altcoins. That is a very weird development to keep an eye on, as it may hint at unnatural growth. Similar trends affect other altcoins in the past few weeks, and it is very likely the Lisk price will come down to the US$6 level in the coming month. At the same time, cryptocurrency is not a easy rational market, and much stranger things have happened than what we are seeing. Prices are reversing from around the 50% and 61.8% levels just like in the weekly chart. But in this case, we have a stochastic buy signal from oversold territory complete with higher highs bouncing from the middle band.

What predictions are for Lisk?

People say that since 48 hours, someone is manipulating the LSK price on Bittrex. The guys currently doing this have massive amounts of $ as well as $LSK and are manipulating the whole market since Monday afternoon. However, there is a lot of positivity around the LISK price drop as well, with long-term holders and supporters taking it as an opportunity to buy cheaper tokens ahead of the February rebranding. So Febrauary and March are the months that the currency price is expected to increase. f you are not averse to risky speculative investments and are familiar with the cryptocurrency markets, putting a small amount of money into LSK could potentially turn out to be a very lucrative investment. LISK as an investment will only perform well in the long run if the LSK network becomes a leading blockchain technology for start-ups to build new apps over the next year or so, which up until now looking very promising.

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The LISK currency exchange rate for 30.11.2017