Halcyon (HAL) crypto coin – where to buy, news & prediction

halcyon crypto hal

What is Halcyon (HAL)?

Halcyon crypto is a decentralized digital currency launching August 2014 with a Proof of Work (PoW) period lasting approximately 9 days. HAL was developed so the PoW period would run simulataneously with the Proof of Stake phase (PoS) which eventually took over the blockchain as a means to confirm transactions. Halcyon coin was launched with no Premine or IPO. Stake holders are rewarded for holding their coins at a rate of 9% annually. It is worth knowing that this rate also compounds on itself and the staker is rewarded transaction fees as an extra incentive. Halcyon users with wallet balances greater than 2000 coins will soon be able to participate as masternodes which will provide another source of residual income.


Where to buy Halcyon crypto coin?

HAL is available on two platformsL Cryptopia (HAL/BTC) Cryptsy (HAL/BTC)

As you can see, the Halcyon project website is not impressive

Predictions, reviews and price

Halcyon (HAL) has many positive opinions on forums. We can assume that the predictions are good, but we still need time to say – with absolute certainty. It was good day for Halcyon (HAL), as it jumped by $0.1892 or 101.12%, touching $0.3763. Global Cryptocoin Analysts believe that Halcyon is looking for the $0.41393 goal. According to 2 analysts could reach $0.802445898685446. The highest price was $0.3971 and lowest of $0.1871 for January 9-10. The open was $0.1871. It last traded at Cryptopia exchange.

“Cryptopia bid is up 400x from just a month ago; 7+BTC traded just in the last day. Someone (has to be the same person) placed identical 250HAL tranche bids all the way down to 1500 sat. Miners just threw over 2GH/s at Halcyon a half hour ago, diff is over 20. 4 year old coin, 10min block time, wallets haven’t been updated in moons... go figure.”
(bitcointalk, bluebox)


  • advanced hybrid proof-of-work (PoW) and proof-of-stake (PoS);
  • fixed rate of 20% PoW blocks and 80% PoS blocks;
  • 2 minutes combined block target (2.5 minutes for PoS, 10 minutes for PoW);
  • time warp and instamining protection;
  • retargets every block using Orbitcoin Super Shield (OSS);
  • advanced checkpointing against 51% attacks;
  • PoW block reward is fixed at 5 HAL;
  • 50 confirmations for minted coins;
  • PoS block reward is up to 100% per year (5 HAL max.);
  • coin age for PoS: 0.5 days min. to 7.5 days max;
  • 10 confirmations for regular transactions;
  • very low transaction fees;
  • the default P2P port is 21108, RPC port is 21109;
  • I2P/Tor ready.