Gifto (GTO) crypto – where to buy, price and prediction

gifto gto coin

More and more coins are being flooded by the cryptocurrency market. That’s good! There are more and more chances to repeat the success of Bitcoin.

What is Gifto (GTO) crypto?

As we can read on the official website of the project GIFTO protocol is a decentralized universal gifting protocol for 2.2 billion digital content consumption market. GIFTO allows for the creation and exchange of virtual gifts, built on smart contracts and blockchain technology, that in turn will create a decentralized consumer-driven virtual economic system. So each created gift would have it’s own unique nature and character, adding the element of fun into the whole gifting process. Virtual gifting not only generates significant revenue, but also greatly enhances the social relationship between creators and their fans.

gifto protocol

Massive transactions – 25M virtual gifts per month

“We have decided to launch a cryptocurrency, Gifto, to feul a “virtual gifting” protocol, Decentralized Universal Gifting Protocol or in short, the Gifto Protocol. Gifto Protocol a new blockchain protocol that will integrate seamlessly with any content platform to allow content creators and influencers to generate significant income with virtual gifts.” (medium. com/gifto/)

The GTO protocol is being launched by Andy Tian, a serial entrepreneur and the former head of Zynga China, who is now the CEO of Asia Innovations Group, one of the leading mobile entertainment groups in Asia and the creator of Uplive and other popular mobile apps. AIG has a total userbase of over 100 million users across all its apps. Global content and social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook have allowed anyone to easily create content and build a fanbase. These content platforms mostly still rely on advertising to generate revenue. The key limitation of the advertising model is that it places control of revenue generation with centralized companies, including content platforms, advertising networks, agencies and marketing firms. Uplive, has demonstrated that it is possible to generate significant, sustainable revenue for content creators via a sophisticated virtual gifting model and the Gifto Protocol will bring that model to the blockchain.

How and where to buy GTO?

The GIFTO Token Crowdsale started on 14th December 2017, and will close when hard cap is reached or January 13, 2018. The Bounty will be accounted and distributed after the GIFTO Token Sale is over. There are no pre-sale. Private sales have already started and they have already reached thei private sale hard cap. There is a minimum limit of 0.3 ETH to participate in the Token Generation event. The maximum limit will depend on the level of KYC procedure you qualify under. If you qualify under the basic KYC procedure, the maximum limit will be 2.3 ETH. If you qualfiy under the enhanced KYC procedure, the maximum limit will be 23 ETH.

Now You can buy GIFTO on Binance. You can login and check that the GTO has been credited to your account. GTO/BNB, GTO/BTC and GTO/ETH trading pairs are now available on Exchange Service for trading. You can start depositing and trading GTO now.

As we can read, Gifto will begin testing its protocol and consumer application in Q1 2018 and expects in 2018 to become the blockchain application with the most mass market users in the world, one step closer towards its mission of bringing blockchain to the masses.

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
Circulating Supply: 300,000,000
ICO Price: $ 0.10

What are the predictions about Gifto?

Unfortunately, on the internet, there is not much information about predictions. A lot of information comes from internet forums, where investors are excited about investing in such a modern coin. As everyone knows people are willing to pay obscene amount of money for virtual commodities. Someone actually brought a digital cat for 100,000 dollars the other day. 100,000 dollars. This is what makes Gifto so interesting, and has potential to be a pretty big deal. The gifts maintain their value because they are on the blockchain, no one can copy them since they are on the block chain which makes gifts rare and a hot commodities. Gifto protocol is going to be way bigger than just Uplive. The GTO protocol is going to be web based and will expand to social media platforms like You Tube, Instagram, and Facebook.

What is the most important thing in this crypto?

  • Largest existing users to hold tokens – 20M users;
  • gifto is being used on Uplive which is Asia’s leading live video streaming platform;
  • community members can use GIFTO Tokens to buy and redeem virtual gifts;
  • a number of participants are required to operate the workflow of virtual gifts to ensure that they are of high quality, properly categorized, and appropriately priced;
  • blockchain enables creation of a virtual asset that holds value across any platform and is immutable.

Good luck GIFTO !!!