Gemini and CoinBase crashed, down?

gemini down

Bitcoin is down more than 20% from today’s intraday high in a plunge below $9000 from as high as $11,435. Coinbase, which is by far the most popular platform to buy Bitcoin, has gone offline in the plunge. Gemini, the exchange started by the Winklevoss twins in 2015, showed many users a “Gateway time-out” message, which means its servers were not responding to any requests. The company posted on its status page: “Systems are currently experiencing degraded performance.

Coinbase down?

Coinbase said it saw “all-time-high traffic” that contributed to system outages. Users of the digital exchanges saw slowed performance on the websites, and, in some cases, they still cannot log into their accounts. The number of accounts at Coinbase, which serves as a platform for trading bitcoin and rivals such as ethereum, had almost tripled to 13 million in the past year, Bespoke Investment Group LLC said earlier. Coinbase tweeted that traffic on its platform was at an all-time high with bitcoin surging past $11,000 earlier today, eight times the peak demand experienced in June.

Gemini also down?

It’s been spotty this morning. People was recently able to log in though after seeing down for maintenance page. Gemini said it addressed performance issues after receiving complaints. GDAX said it resolved log-in problems.
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coinbase down

What people says?

“In addition, I am seeing the following message every few minutes: Temporarily Grounded The Gemini Exchange is currently undergoing maintenance. Please check back later.” (reddit)

“This is a clear feature, not a bug. You are arguing against tighter security because you didn’t fully understand how you were being protected. I realize the frustration, but imagine how much worse the alternative would feel.” (reddit)

Update 30.11.2017:
Both platforms are already running and have no major problems.