FuturoCoin – where to buy? Exchange platforms


During the FutureNet conference in Macau, he announced that FuturoCoin would be launched in January – February 2018. The influx of new digital currencies is not unusual, but in the case of the Futuro coin fears it is linked to FutureNet, an MLM-based community portal.

What is FuturoCoin?

The FutureNet portal gives you the opportunity to ‘earn money online’ through activity on a social website, as well as the purchase of so-called ‘Matrix’ FutureAdPro and recommending such purchase to subsequent participants – from each participant who will buy an analogue matrix from your order, you will receive a 5% contribution – the cost of dies is from 10 $ to 1000 $. It is the distribution of ‘matrices’ that makes FutureNet a very controversial project. FutureNet has already accumulated 2.5 million subscribers, and its founders have chosen to use this popularity and intend to launch its own CryptoCurrency – FuturoCoin. At the moment there is little information about it and most of them are drawn from amateur blogs, which are not official FutureNet news channels.

Futuro Coin:

  • Only 100 million FuturoCoin coins will be available;
  • 10% of the pot, which is 10 million coins will be distributed to partners in the Royal;
  • 20% of the pot, which is 20 million coins, will go to cloud mining. This type of cryptanalyst extraction allows users to extract currency without having to buy excavators;
  • 70% of the pool will go to traditional mining;
  • FuturoCoin’s crypto-based will be based on its own blockchain.

Where to buy FuturoCoin?

At this point we know that the FuturoCoin will be based on Dash’s technology and have a limited supply, just like Bitcoin, but in that case it will be 100 million coins (the Bitcoin limit is 21 million). FutureNet developers have shown that 30 million coins have already been extracted. They have to be distributed between people with ‘Royal’ matrices, and also to the “Cloud Mining” (on FutureNet).

The difference between DasCoin and FuturoCoin is that Futuro is supposed to be a real crypto coin based on blockchain technology. BitBay exchange confirmed that specialists at its exchange had investigated the source code of FutoroCoin and found the product to be cryptographically competent and safe.

Only 100 million FuturoCoin coins will be available.

Is it safe and proven?

As regards the influence of FuturoCoin on the reputation of the crypto market, the objections are correct. Probably most of us remember how the last DasCoina conference was reflected in the media. FutureNet conferences seem to have a similar character, but are organized with a much larger “pump”. The last one, in Chinese Macau, was led by celebrities, and the event attracted thousands of participants interested in projects related to making money online.

We advise caution in buying these coins, but it is worth recalling that a few years ago BitCoin was treated in the same way.