Flipside crypto – review and project description

flipside crypto

What is Flipside crypto?

Flipside Crypto’s Investment Clubs are designed for investors who are seeking a seamless, Pain-Free way to invest in a basket of cryptocurrencies. Clients receive the full service of cryptocurrency acquisition, digital wallet preparation, and cold storage safekeeping. Designed as a learning experience as much as an investment, Club Members discuss holdings via our community tools – and also receive a private portfolio metrics dashboard.
Flipside Crypto was founded by Dave Balter and Jim Myers & a Guy Named Will. Dave’s a Hustler, Jim’s a Hacker. Will is a Data Scientist, who we keep safe in a cage.

“Our launch coincides with the closing of Flipside Crypto Club One. This Club was purpose built to help a handful of people acquire a “basket” of ~15 different cryptocurrencies.”

What is important, that Flipside has already deployed capital from individuals into its first two investment clubs — $1.42 million into the first and $1.35 million into the second — with the money being spread out across multiple cryptocurrencies.

“We don’t talk much about Will, except to say his brain is a national treasure, and his analytic capacity is a thing of wonderment, and so we keep him safe in a cage.”

What’s interesting in FlipsideCrypto?

Flipside Crypto provides back-office cryptocurrency analysis, acquisition, and cold storage. Partners may provide their own investment strategy or utilize our algorithms to deliver value to their clients. How can we learn from their blog, Flipside was designed as a service for effectively gaining access to the currencies: that means managing the entire process of digital wallets, encryption, safe keeping and cold storage of a client’s cryptocurrency property (the official classification by the SEC).

What’s cool?

  • Over 215 Cryptos Tracked
  • Every Cryptocurrency with an active repository
  • Standardized Overall Health Index
  • Deep Dive into Submetrics
  • Commits, Issues, Stars, Pushes & Pulls

It’s the latter part that really hits home how early this market is. Actually gaining positions is full of complexities, but understanding what to do with those positions is downright unapproachable. The paradox of FlipsideCrypto Club One is that in a market that is accelerating faster than any before it, our aim is to help their clients slow down and become patient. One other important component: as a club, they meet regularly to discuss the evolution of the cryptocurrency markets. Everyone wants to make money, but learning and education may be an even higher priority for their clients thus far. After this, it is helpful that Flipside has developed tracks the performance of cryptocurrencies by analyzing their volatility while the other monitors applications that are being built on each currency’s blockchain, the decentralized ledger technology that makes these digital tokens work.