EtherZero (ETZ) crypto coin – where to buy, prediction, wallet

etherzero etz

What is EtherZero?

EtherZero (ETZ) is the abbreviation of EtherZero, and also the blockchain assets and currency code of EtherZero. EtheZero have all the deam features of all Dapp developers needed: 0 TX fee,instant pay and high scaling of thousands of TPS. Made by Dapp developers, for Dapp developers. ETZ team are collaborating with many famous Indian and East European DAPP development workshops.

The EtherZero fork will take place on January 19, 2018, GMT 19:00 and will feature the following characteristics:

  • Fork height: 4936270 block;
  • Reserve 20 million ETZ for subsequent development;
  • Allocation: Total supply is approximately 116 million ETZ;
  • Newly increased: approximately 6 million ETZ per year (almost 5% inflation and declining every year);
  • 1 ETH distributes 1 ETZ.

UPDATE 21.01.2018:

The EtherZero fork has been successfully launched on block 4936270, now they are testing in the real circumstances, will release the blockchain explorer as soon as possible. Also, from 22th Jan to 31th Jan, EtherZero official continues to test and improve the code, calculate hashrate as much as possible to ensure network security, they plan to release the source code at the end of January for trade platforms, external pools and DAPP development.


Comparison of EtherZero to: Ethereum, EOS and Miota

Where to buy EtherZero (ETZ)?

The ETZ coin is available on many stock exchanges and can be purchased in a traditional way.
If You got private key derive it from the private key-approving wallets, then import the private key account to the official EtherZero wallet and get EtherZero. If your Ethereum is kept in a trading platform or those wallets which does not support the private key derivation, you can ask the trade platform or wallet to get EtherZero for you. The users can contact the trade platform or wallets, and ask how to process it.

The initial total supply is about 116 million ETZ. Each ETH holder receives 1 ETZ for each 1 ETH, total 9.651 million ETZ, and another 20 million EtherZero is reserved for late development and foundation operation by the team.

Price and prediction about ETZ

We do not know the prices so far, but the predictions are promising. The EtherZero project sounds promising but still is uncertain to what levels it can reach and if it will earn the users’ trust and support. What is important – the idea of the project is to improve and stabilize the market value of ETZ. The team is trying to get the market value of ETZ at a rate of 10% of the Ethereum network in the short term. For now, the white paper isn’t even on the site yet, so we don’t know too much about the project. It could be nothing or it could be great.

As we learn from the project website, “The mobile wallet and the DApp application store will be released to promote the ecological development of the user.” in March 2018.

Wallet for Ether Zero

According to the official website, there are many wallets that support ETZ. Among them, the following are mentioned: MyEtherWallet, ImToken, Jaxx, MetaMask, Ledger and Trezor.
Mar.2018, The mobile wallet and the DApp application store will be released to promote the ecological development of the user.