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Ethereum explorer for everybody!

Blockchain 3D Explorer is a very smart tool and can be downloaded for free for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android (it also works with Google Cardboard) Among its most outstanding details are: BTC addresses are represented as red cubes and transactions with light blue spheres. So the entries and exits are shown with large dark blue arrows, and each time an object is clicked it is possible to immerse yourself further in the digital transaction book. In the case of Ethereum explorer the blockchain is a historical record of every time coins move from address to address and that journey can tell an analyst or curious user a lot about what happened from an originating transaction to the present.

How Ethereum block Explorer works?

Applications this sort of as blockchain explorers have existed almost as extended as bitcoin and other blockchain-primarily based cryptocurrencies. Block explorers act as lookup engines allowing for users to look for out and check out certain transactions that took place with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum or any other quantity of publicly noticeable blockchain currencies. With Blockchain 3D Explorer, it is attainable not just to visualize the movement of currency across the record of a transaction trail but to export unique and pertinent details about that historical past for later on examination.

Blockchain 3D Explorer

Blockchain 3D Explorer has a very good graphic design and intuitive operation

As the creator Kevin Small informs, it works like visualize flows of bitcoins as they flow from address to transaction to address to transaction and so on and on. “By clicking on transactions (the blue/green spheres) or addresses (the red cubes) more and more of the network can be displayed, and you can trace the movement of funds backwards and forwards in time.” – said Small.

What’s most important is that Block explorer expands in three dimensions and is accessible in virtual reality. This means that users can explore the BTC blockchain by immersing themselves directly in it, opening up branching transactions and following them across the chain by flying through the visualization.

The free software can be downloaded for Windows, Mac, Android, and Linux and is easy to operate. Systems that support virtual reality can display the blockchain that’s generated in VR. Creator said he plans to expand the features of the explorer to add more platforms including a web-based demo using Unity WebGL, a full-featured build on web browsers and support the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift headsets.

Where to download?

You can downlaod here:

On the first screen you can choose an individual address or transaction to start displaying, or just let the app choose something to show you. If your platform supports VR then you can choose to see the results in VR, otherwise choose 3D output.