Ethereum Blue – price increase. Where to buy?

ethereum blue

Ethereum Blue is a platform that aims to add a security layer to the existing smart contracts leveraging the Ethereum blockchain. The platform will use a centralized repository of addresses and statistic analysis to blacklist the corrupt token founders and poorly-written smart contracts. Ethereum Blue token will let users benefit from the Software Development Kit to automatically scan malicious addresses before approving the sending of ETH from their wallet.

Understanding Ethereum Blue

Ethereum Blue acts as an active deterrent for common programming mistakes and malicious smart contracts that exist today on the Ethereum platform. Ethereum blue has very promising roadmap, and the white paper was released 28 October 2017. The BLUE team is made up of payments industry experts, engineers with a history working in the technical industry with companies including Visa, Apple and Square. The team is partially responsible for technologies used across the globe in the world’s largest banking software, internal infrastructure, and mobile apps.
What is importnt, to understand there is “no ICO” for this coin. This is about creating a currency, not about creating wealth. If you want to be a part of the beginning it is important to join the airdrop and work together with Blue Team to test the secure features unique to Blue in a real-world environment.

Price and where to buy Blue?

Over the last 24 hours, the price of Ethereum BLUE cryptocurrencies has increased by 48.13%. In general, we can talk about the increasing trend of the exchange rate, because even in the last 7 days, the value of BLUE increased by 245.76%. The total market value of BLUE cryptanalysts on 01.12.2017 is $ 4 668 942, which is the 370th most valuable cryptocurrency of the world.

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