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What is EMC crypto?

Emercoin (EMC) is not yet another cryptocurrency to join the blockchain fad. Since its creation in 2013, Emc has adopted the safest development practices. Its measured approach to growth allows it not to get caught in the blockchain bubble and ensures stability for its investors.

  • Historical growth – The EMC exchange rate has grown 102 times over the last 3 years. Although no forecasts can be given, the numbers are telling.
  • Guaranteed return – Emercoin provides a guaranteed yield of 6% per annum via the PoS mechanism. Buy 10k EMC now and get 600 more in one year.
  • Solid foundation – Emercoin serves as a basis for a number of distributed technologies that are already up and running on an industrial scale.

What is important that Emercoin is using its own blockchain technology to record and manage the document flow of Polybius Bank. According to the press release, each record can be as big as 20 Kbytes which is more than enough to record a transaction. It is not just storing transactions. To provide transparency, any document deemed to be of public interest or legal value will also be recorded by the EMC blockchain.

Total Supply:Algorithmically increasing at approx. 6% per year.
Block frequency:10 minute average.
PoW Algorithm:
PoW block reward:5020 EMC, decreasing according to PoW difficulty.

Formula: Reward = 5020 / sqrt(sqrt(difficulty))

PoS reward:Approx. 6% pa.
PoS stake-weight maturity:30 days.
Max. stake-weight:90 days.
Difficulty adjustment:Recalculated each block. Adjustment gradually increases over time to favor PoS minting.
Maturity for newly mined reward:32 blocks until new coins can be spent.
Base58Check encoding address prefix:33
Default p2p port:6661
Default RPC port:6662

Where to buy EMC crypto coin?

EMC is available on many platforms: Livecoin, Bittrex, HitBTC, LiteBit, Cryptopia, xBTCe, Tux Exchange, usd-x, Indacoin.The purchase and sale of TRIG coin is standard and runs smoothly.
If you want to buy these tokens, go to the Exchange, but first read the official website of the project.

Predictions, reviews and price

EmerCoin is a strong innovator of Blockchain Technology; creating a variety of ways to utilize the blockchain for many decentralized applications. EMC has many positive reviews on forums. We can assume that the predictions are good, but we still need time to say – with absolute certainty.
The price for EMC on 30/01/2019 is: $ 5.19 USD. The most important thing in this project is EmerCoin is led by an International Team of Engineers and Crypto Specialists, along with a giant and extremely loyal EmerCoin Community. As we can read on official website, the computing power used for mining Emercoins is approximately 1/4 of the overall power of all SHA-256 mining farms. Together with the PoS mechanism, this makes the Emer blockchain exceptionally secure. Also, Emercoin has switched to so-called merged mining with Bitcoin. Both use the same hashing protocol, allowing their joint mining. Large Bitcoin mining pools, such as F2Pool, have made good use of this by providing Emercoins as a free bonus to the main resource.
Last time OpenLedger, the FinTech platform based on BitShares 2.0 technology, is partnering with Emercoin to offer new synergies in blockchain-based services.

“OpenLedger is a financial crypto-platform that allows for the decentralised trading of digital currencies and assets of all types. Given Emercoin’s focus on pushing the limits of blockchain innovation for business and web services, the partnership with OpenLedger’s revolutionary fintech platform makes a lot of sense.” (bitscan. com)


Emercoin (EMC) is a cryptocurrency with hybrid PoS and PoW mining (merge-mined with Bitcoin). Coin generation is focused mostly on production of coins by energy-conservative PoS as PoW difficulty gradually increases over time.


Wallets for this cryptocurrency?

Core Wallets (Windows/Mac/Linux):
Emercoin GitHub
Install Instructions
Blockchain Engine emcweb wallet (Azure/server deployment)
Mobile Wallets:
Emercoin SW (iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS)
Emercoin One (iOS)
Emercoin Basic (iOS)
Online Wallets: