Elf coin crypto – where to buy Aelf, price and predictions

elf coin crypto

What is Elf coin?

Aelf is a decentralized self-evolving cloud computing network and this is not a Christmas joke. To establish a Blockchain infrastructure suitable for commercial requirements, ælf (ELF) provides a highly efficient multi-chain parallel-processing system with cross-chain communication and self-evolving governance. As we find out from the exchange service, it brings three innovations, namely scalable nodes across clusters of computers, resource isolation for smart contracts and voting through token holders. Elf will interact with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other Blockchain systems. cross-chain interaction with mainstream Chains will be realized via messaging. And it will also form an endogenous multi-level cross-chain structure based on cross-chain interaction, in order to share the digital assets, users and information.

ELF tokens are used to pay for resource fees used in the network, such as deployment of smart contracts, operating and upgrading of systems and it also enables the community to vote on major decisions, such as electing mining nodes, introducing new features to the system and other major decisions.

UPDATE 21.01.2018 Candy System

Their Candy system (AKA Azeroth Project) is officially launched.

ælf : the next breakthrough in Blockchain

What you should know about ælf?

It is not difficult to notice that the name of the coin is a bit complicated, which may make it difficult to promote the project. The true spelling does not contain the letters: A and E. This is one letter:”æ”. But let’s focus on the particulars because ælf has an efficient parallel processing mechanism, to meet commercial scale application. No more concerns about system congestion when an Token Sale takes place in the system. Also there are different node types and all nodes are equal and nodes are categorized according to their roles.

  • High Performance – Full nodes run on cloud servers;
  • resource Segregation – Each smart contract runs on its own Blockchain;
  • governance & Development – Token holders vote for decision making and representatives.

Price and predition

At present, there are not many predictions about the future of this coin. The market is optimistic, so the start is good. The price of the coin is 0.00008329BTC and $ 1.39.

What people say on forums:

“I’m in @7400 sats. Let’s go Elf! I saw a YouTube vid on a dev explaining the project. Seems legit and potential is high, especially when it appeals to the Asian market. “ (Taste_LikeChicken – reddit)

“260 million circulating supply, currently at a dollar, so immediate valuation is 260 million. Seems a bit high. If it was. 50 i might buy to get some hype short term gains, but seems a bit too risky for me!” (culaoh – reddit)

“Damn, elf coming out right before Christmas? Logical... either a complete scam or about to skyrocket. I’m in for $200 to see what happens.” (sherewilpower – reddit)


elf price

Elf team

“We distributed 250 million ELF tokens to raise 55,000 ETH (before the ETH price surges above USD 450). We would like to thank the global crypto community for trusting our project, working through this process with us, and for the continued support. Welcome to ælf!” (medium. com)

As we can read, Ælf team always want to conduct a fair and transparent token sale. They decided to shift away from the popular public token sale model and focused on onboarding suitable investors in private. It comes with several benefits: firstly, the cap was enough to be funded by long-term investors. Secondly, the private placement enabled better compliance to investment regulations, as they conducted KYC for all investors, mostly accredited investors with track record in token investment. They said they wanted to attract the right type of investors who agree with their vision instead of using discount or bonus to create arbitrage opportunity.