Eidoo (EDO) coin crypto – price, prediction, where to buy?

Eido EDO

What is Eidoo (EDO)?

Eidoo is a blockchain-to-human interface simplifying the interaction between the blockchain and its users. Eidoo is the integrator that brings together technologies and services that today already exist, additional ones only imaginable at this moment, and others that we cannot even conceive. Also, Eidoo is the first mobile app to include a multi-asset wallet and a hybrid exchange. In one single app you can sell, buy, spend, and convert your cryptocurrencies and your tokens. Currently Eidoo supports all tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC20, ERC223).
Total Supply: 90,708,326
Circulating Supply: 20,986,407
ICO Price: $ 2.58

Eido Wallet

The Eido Wallet will be the heart of the entire project. As we read in Whitepapers it will be natively multi-asset and designed for the mobile world: a single integrated environment that will be used to manage all tokens intuitively, without the need for complex configurations, but still leveraging the best security standards and best practices. Innovative services to exchange cryptocurrencies and tokens will be directly embedded in the platform.

Integrated exchange system will never require the transfer of the assets to any centralized custodian third party that could cause financial losses due to bugs or exit scams: the user will always be in full control of his funds. In the long run, the EDO roadmap also includes a fully decentralized blockchain-based marketplace. Around these decentralized tools, additional services will be created in order to facilitate the use of cryptos, such as the ability to recharge a debit card directly from the Eido app without leaving the application. For those who need it, Eido will also offer Digital Identity solutions, using designs such as the Web of Trust for pseudonymous sovereign.

Supported Crypto Coins

This ERC20 tokens list has been filled automatically. So, it is almost complete, but it might happen that some tokens may be missing. The list of coins is really big. We will find there 338 tokens like: EOS (EOS), TRON (TRX), OmiseGO (OMG), Populous (PPT), Veritaseum (VERI), Augur (REP), Binance Coin (BNB), eBTC (EBTC).

Eidoo allows you to send and receive your digital currencies, read QR codes and share your address with your friends. It handles the Ethereum addresses of your contacts in a simple and standard way and automatically detects all the tokens supported by the Ethereum blockchain.


eido app

The Eidoo app is the easiest way to manage your assets in blockchains. It allows you to generate a passphrase to backup all your assets.

Price and prediction

As we can read in Whitepapers, the ambitious challenge of this project is also to give a common home and common goals to tech communities defending very different visions, leading to a healthy competition of approaches, methodologies, design philosophies. Trade-offs in blockchains space are difficult and complex: a simple “compromise” is often just a way to get the worst of the two worlds, while the best choice is sometimes to diversify the paths, to get to the same final objectives, under the same global user experience.

If the Wall Street Journal ad from Eidoo is a litmus test of the company’s creativity and ingenuity, Eidoo has a promising future ahead. Consumers want choice, and Eidoo offers it in the most simple and direct way possible.

The first predictions are promising, Eidoo is leading the ICO of the Eidoo token (EDO), which starts on Oct. 4 and ends on Oct. 16. The sale will make 20 mln EDO at $2.30 per token available to purchase with Ethereum. To access the sale, download the Eidoo app for IOS or Android. The price on the stock exchange on December 25, 17 was $ 4.10


“The challenge of this project is also to give a common home to technologies whose communities (e.g. Bitcoin and Ethereum) have trouble cooperating due to different visions, creating a tool that manages different technologies through a unique user experience.” – (EIDO team)

In brief

  • As safe as a decentralized exchange, as fast as a centralized one;
  • high Security Level thanks to Eidoo’s Recovery Tool;
  • 120k potential users for your ICOs;
  • one password to multi-wallets;
  • towards standardization;
  • lightening trading.