dPLN – polish crypto coin – reviews & predictions


What is dPLN?

According to polish media, the new cryptocurrency was to work under the Ministry of Digital Affairs – Polish Technology Accelerator Blockchain (PATB). In the aforementioned article, Professor Krzysztof Piech, president of PATB, talked about combining the cryptocurrency with the Polish zloty exchange rate, thanks to which this decentralized currency would be deprived of exchange rate risk.

In short: 100 dPLN would be worth as much as 100 PLN. Will it happen – only the government would decide. But at the current stage of work, every step would be consulted with lawyers to enter into the regulations of both Poland and the European Union. Here also comes another difference: dPLN account holders will have to reveal their identity.

“We have created a cryptographic currency that we have deprived of speculative features. We want to give our economy unprofitable money, which does not require expensive infrastructure, and by the way its transfer is ultrafast”

– says prof. Krzysztof Piech, president of the Polish Blockchain Technology Accelerator and initiator of the dPLN project.

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Poland is Developing National Cryptocurrency – dPLN

12.4 million PLN, The Polish Technology Accelerator Blockchain has such a budget. Almost PLN 10 million was received from the National Center for Research and Development.

Where to buy dPLN crypto coin?

DPLN is only in the design phase and there is no specific information about where to buy this currency. The currency name is also not confirmed

Predictions, reviews and price

The team also explored the option of creating a decentralized bank, but because of the legal complexity, the implementation of such an institution is very difficult, and so the idea was dropped. The public is positive about this project and the predictions are promising. We are waiting for more information!