Cryptocurrency Prediction course for 2019 – opinions, reviews

Cryptocurrency Prediction course for 2019

A year ago, a crypto-craze began, in which many virtual currencies climbed to the heights. Today, the situation on the market does not mark a repetition of the price explosion. However, it is going to be more volatile than in the last few months. Of course, it’s best to buy crypto on the most popular exchange platform >

Cryptocurrency Prediction for 2019

Price drop bitcoin from 20 thousand dollars to the currently listed 6.5 thousand dollars. it seems devastating. However, if we take into account changes in the perspective of the last 12 months, we were dealing with a price increase by half.

Bitcoin is often compared to gold as a means to store capital. Only that last year gold has lost about 5 percent in value. Meanwhile, the most popular cryptocurrency allowed to earn 50 percent. And the more we extend the time horizon, the greater the bitcoin increase.

Last year was not as successful for all cryptocurrencies. The value of ethereum, the second in terms of capitalization, fell by 25% in the same period. The ripple price, the third of the largest virtual currencies, in turn increased by more than 100 percent, although if measured by mid-September, it would be at a level comparable to last year. Virtually all growth was generated for four days in mid-September. Since the peaks from January this year, the prices of etherum and ripple have dropped to more than six times today, while bitcoins have tripled.

Is wealth waiting for us in 2019?

Is wealth waiting for us in 2019?

Our opinion – review

Our opinion whether the review of the exchange rate is just a fortune-telling. We are now approaching the period when the value of cryptocurrencies blew up a year ago. However, the situation is diametrically opposed – the market is being overwhelmed by uncertainty regarding regulation, the failure to market ETF funds, the closing of exchanges and hacker attacks on some of them.

However, if markets and investors remember the boom last year, the anticipation of cryptocurrency may increase in anticipation of similar traffic, which in turn would translate into higher prices.

12 months ago, the cryptocurrency price records were publicized by the largest news agencies or the world’s most respected dailies. Will this time also increase the exposure of the topic of cryptocurrencies, anticipating an increase in interest?

If that happened, we could deal with a self-fulfilling prophecy, and cryptocurrency prices will also grow this year. However, this is a pure theory, and the increases from the turn of 2017 and 2018 are practically unrealistic to be repeated. It is more likely that at the end of the year we may face increased price fluctuations of cryptocurrencies.