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Ethereum explorer – blockchain 3D Download

Ethereum explorer for everybody! Blockchain 3D Explorer is a very smart tool and can be downloaded for free for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android (it also works with Google Cardboard) Among its most outstanding details are: BTC addresses are represented as red cubes and transactions with light blue spheres.

ethereum and litecoin news

Litecoin and Ethereum with new record price

Predictions about the Ethereum price becoming a reality Ethereum has always been spoken about in a more positive way and has become the second largest digital currency in 2-3 years. After being launched in 2015, the value of Ethereum’s currency, otherwise known as Ether, has increased by more than 6,7500%Continue reading


Crypto Crash with SBD (Steem Backed Dollars)

What is Steem Backed Dollars SBD? Steem Backed Dollars are stable value pegged assets issued in the Steemit platform. Its a token that is meant to be worth about $1 USD, making its value much more stable compared to Steem.

2018 cryptocurrencies

The best cryptocurrency to invest in 2018. New prediction

Which Cryptocurrency Should You Invest In 2018? At the outset, we inform that the information contained in this article, does not guarantee income – those informatios are predictions only. Without a doubt, in 2018 we will have a lot of interest in cryptocurrencies!


How to buy Ethereum in India, Pakistan or Bangladesz?

Ethereum in India? Why not! Many people ask in the comments how to buy Ethereum in India or Bangladesh. There are also some scams and hackers that need to be carefully avoided when dealing in the cryptocurrency markets, but as the asset class matures and becomes more mainstream, these risksContinue reading

ethereum blue

Ethereum Blue – price increase. Where to buy?

Ethereum Blue is a platform that aims to add a security layer to the existing smart contracts leveraging the Ethereum blockchain. The platform will use a centralized repository of addresses and statistic analysis to blacklist the corrupt token founders and poorly-written smart contracts.

gemini down

Gemini and CoinBase crashed down?

Bitcoin is down more than 20% from today’s intraday high in a plunge below $9000 from as high as $11,435. Coinbase, which is by far the most popular platform to buy Bitcoin, has gone offline in the plunge.