Blockmason (BCPT) coin crypto – where to buy, exchange & prediction

blockmanson bcpt

What is Blockmason (BCPT)?

Blockmason is a growing team of accomplished developers and professionals from their respective industries. The name Blockmason indicates the craftsmanship, artisanship, and sweat equity to build the seamless networks of infrastructure, buildings, and architecture around us.

The Credit Protocol is a system for permanently recording ledgers of debts and credits between parties using the Ethereum blockchain. Credit Protocol is one-of-a-kind protocol that provides a standardized, secure and reliable method for recording and storing double-confirmed obligations on the blockchain. This establishes the Credit Protocol, powered by its BCPT token, as a foundation onto which a near infinite number of applications involving debts and credits can be built.

The Blockmason guarantees the permanence and reliability of records stored, as well as enforcing specified smart contract properties such as the confirmation of credits by participating parties and the smart verification of the identities of contracting parties by way of cryptographic signatures.

The Blockmason Protocol’s functionality is crucial for any business where money transfers happen only after services or agreements have already been performed. In this project, companies building platforms for lending, invoicing, payment and money transfer can ensure that obligations between respective users of their platforms are securely recorded prior to making payments or giving credits, which becomes crucial for accounting purposes and in cases of default.

“Human needs such as lending to one another, better care in sickness and health, and quickly building real trust in civic and social settings.”

Where to buy BCPT crypto coin?

On December 13 2017, Gatecoin listed the Blockmason Credit Protocol Token (BCPT) on its exchange. Gatecoin will support the purchase of BCPT with BTC and ETH. BCPT enables owners to participate in the Credit Protocol, a system whereby debts and credits are secured and tracked on the Ethereum blockchain.

BCPT is available on many platforms.

“We are currently in at least four continents and six countries on any given day. Collectively, we have lived in more than 25 countries globally – and we care deeply for the positive impact blockchains can have on global commerce and society as a whole.”

BCPT team members love languages. Current proficiency includes: French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Latin, Greek, Hebrew.

Predictions, reviews and Exchange

BCPT has many positive opinions on forums. We can assume that the predictions are good, but we still need time to say – with absolute certainty. What is important, BlockMason has already released multiple working products and distributed applications prior to the commencement of their token sale. This puts BlockMason on firm legal ground for making their ICO open to purchasers in the United States, an action many companies have feared taking in the wake of the SEC’s report on the DAO token sale.

As we can read on their blog, Blockmason is currently working on releasing its first app Lndr developed on top of the Credit Protocol, that will track debts and credits between friends and family. The team also advises other developers and owners of BCPT towards building their own consumer and commercial-driven applications on top of the Credit Protocol.

Though BlockMason is a relatively new company in the Ethereum ecosystem, these large purchases lend the token sale vital credibility at a time when crypto coin offerings have come under increasing scrutiny from both the public and government regulators.