BitHumb crypto exchange – reviews and fees (BitThumb)

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What is BittHumb ?

Bithumb is one of the largest stock exchanges that is gaining more and more customers. Some use the name BitThumb, but the correct form contains only one letter T. As we can reat at Scmagazine, personal information on 30,000 customers of Bitthumb, billed as South Korea’s largest cybercurrency exchange, were likely exposed in a recent hack of an employee’s PC and used to trick customers and pilfer their funds. This latest incident has prompted an investigation by the Korea Internet & Security Agency, which was alerted by Bithumb on June 30, a day after discovering the alleged breach, that an employee’s home computer had been compromised, the Yonhap News Agency reported an agency official as saying. So, we hope that the Exchange is working properly now.
Also, Bithumb takes over 51% of global market share within five days of integrating QTUM Bithumb’s trading volume jumps sixfold overnight after integrating QTUM.

What they promise?

  • Best Price
    BTC Korea co takes the lowest commission among every Bitcoin Trader in domestic market, for you to trade your priceless coins with the highest price options.
  • High Security/Availability
    BTC Korea co protects your esteemed assets, backed by trade data anti-forgery, high-protective SMS verification, high-adaptive data encryption, year-round round-the-clock server security control system, and even more.
  • High Speed
    BTC Korea co offers you the stable real-time trading system The system guarantees you easily put in or out your money via your unique virtual account, or trade cryptocurrencies always in real-time

BitHumb customer service?

A spokesperson for Bithumb said. “it is anticipated that by expanding the customer service center, all customer concerns while using services will be resolved significantly.” while adding:

“We will improve customer satisfaction by providing fast and distinguished transaction services, ranging from the transaction of virtual currency to follow-up management.”

The user panel at the Bithumb exchange is transparent and clear.

Bithumb is planning to offer multi-language telephone consulting services-in addition to English, Chinese and Japanese-for foreign users that are currently trading actively to further enhance service convenience for overseas users. In addition to the 24-hour customer center, the newly opened Bitthumb Customer Service Center places emphasis on the customer-oriented service counters that provide 1:1 customer support by a team of professional consultants. Face-to-face consultations between the customer and an expert consultant will allow for faster and more in-depth resolutions, which in turn will be expected to improve customer satisfaction.

Predictions and review

BitHumb has many positive opinions on forums. We can assume that the predictions are good, but we still need time to say – with absolute certainty. It is worth knowing that Bithumb leads the global market as it vies for first place with other cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. In the case of Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency, Bithumb ranks at the top with a market share of 10.8% and a trading volume of about 55.38 billion KRW. So Bithumb takes up one-third of the global market share with 36.1%. For Bitcoin, the representative cryptocurrency, Bithumb ranks second highest in the global market with a trading volume of about 180.74 billion KRW.

Fees, commissions

AssetsDeposit commission (Deposit Fee)Withdrawal commission (Withdrawal Fee)
Withdrawal in BithumbWithdrawal
Ethereum Classic(ETC)0.01Ethereum Classic
Bitcoin Cash(BCH)0.005Bitcoin Cash

The above data comes from the Reddit forum and from the official Bithumb website.