Bitcoin – Where to buy and sell BTC? Simple guide, best method

Buy or sell


Buying is very simple and fast. To buy Bitcoins you need to complete the registration and 2 simple steps. Remember not to tell anyone about your password and keep other people off your computer! That’s all or so much.


  1. Go to Exchange Service >
    The stock market has a simple interface and you will quickly find what you are looking for. This Exchange has an extension “.COM” and you must always pay attention to this. Do not log in to the Exchange with another extension!

    register exchange

    Click Join US and register

  2. Complete the Sign-Up Process
    Click on the “Register” tab in the top right-hand corner of the Exchange Page and enter the necessary information. It’s good to have a long and arbitrary password to better secure your account. Check your email and then click “confirm”.
  3. Enable 2-Factor Authentication
    A pop-up should appear on the screen the first time you log-in, and immediately enable 2FA to increase your security. Authentification basically adds another level of security in addition to your password. So even if someone hacks your password unless they also have the Google Authenticator code from the app they cannot log in.
    You can now start to deposit your cryptocurrency coins or tokens into your account. Install the application on your phone and run. Each refresh of the application window makes the current code show up.

Google Authenticator in Google Play Store

NEVER let someone else on your computer for support. And further to never give any login credentials to anyone, including support staff.

How to deposit?

  1. Go to the “Deposit” Page
    At your dashboard, click on the “Deposit/Withdrawals” button under the “Funds” tab on the top right-hand corner. Select the Coin You Want to Deposit and press the “deposit” button. If you’re depositing Bitcoin (BTC), make sure you click the “Deposit” button only for Bitcoin (BTC). This is because the address for each coin is different. You can just search for the coin in the search field to expedite the process.
  2. Whether you’re keeping your funds on a third-party wallet or another exchange, just go there and send the funds to your Binance deposit address, either via QR or by pasting in the code.
  3. Once the transaction has been confirmed, it will usually take a couple of minutes to process, so you may not see the transfer register instantly in your available Exchange balance. It’s important to note that when a transaction is in the process of being confirmed, it may appear in the “In Order” tab. View Your History of your deposit will be shown in the “Funds” > “Deposits/Withdrawals” tab.


How to buy Bitcoin (BTC)?

  1. Once your account has some funds on Exchange Service, you can proceed with trading. You can buy a BTC if you have other currencies that you exchange for a BTC currency. Click on main page and chose “BTC market” find the pairing for a coin you have.
  2. Let’s say you just worked out TRX and you want to buy bitcoin with it you would go to TRX/BTC sell the TRX for BTC. You buy BTC by selling coins for it.
    btc market

    Enter the coin shortcut you want to exchange for BTC.

    At the bottom of the page on the right is the window for selling the currency, for which bitcoins are given



That’s all, soon BTC will appear on your Stock Market Account ;-)

Buying other currencies on the Exchange Platform

To make a trade, navigate back to the exchange dashboard by clicking either “Basic” or “Advanced” under the “Exchange” tab in the upper left-hand corner. For beginner traders, the “Basic” view is easier to navigate.

  1. Search for the cryptocurrency you want to buy on the right-hand side by clicking on it or using the search box.
  2. Then select ‘Limit’ or ‘Market’ tab in the middle of the page to buy the cryptocurrency using Bitcoin (BTC). You can enter an exact amount or use the 4 predefined amounts. You can use either BTC or ETH to buy BNB, we just need to specify it. At the top right hover over the default “BNB/BTC” to see the possible pairs.
  3. If you select ‘Market’, Exchange will buy at the best price possible. But if you wanted to do a ‘Limit’ order, you can set the amount you want to buy at. For transactions that are still open, they are listed under the ‘Open Orders.’
  4. Once you are done buying a cryptocurrency, you can see your totals within the ‘Deposit Withdraws’ page. The page will give you an overall estimated value and show you the total balance of all of the cryptos you own.
  5. Go to the trading pairs tab and choose the trade you want to make. If you have deposited BTC to your account, you will be able to purchase several different cryptos with BTC. Exchange also supports some trading pairs which use Ethereum as a base currency. This means that if you want to take advantage of the BNB token for decreased fees on Binance transactions, you can use either Ethereum or Bitcoin to purchase BNB.
  6. Once you’ve selected your trading pair, simply enter the desired amount of cryptocurrency you want to buy. You need to set the price you’re willing to pay for it. Once the details have been confirmed, click the “Buy” in order to complete the transaction.
  7. When you have bought a new cryptocurrency, your funds will show up in that cryptocurrency’s designated wallet in your account’s “Funds” area. The amount which can be withdrawn each day is determined by user’s verification tier. You’re placed at Level 1 without submitting any verification details, and you can withdraw up to 2 BTC worth of cryptocurrency a day.

This Exchange Service is probably the first exchange that has its own currency, called BNB. BNB allows you to pay for the different types of fees. You will get a significant discount, which affords you 50% discount in the first year.

How secure is buying Bitcoins?

The Exchange service architecture includes CCSS and ISO/ICO_27001:2013 security protocols. For account security, the platform offers users the option to activate Google Authenticator and 2FA to verify withdrawals and security modifications. Users must activate one of these features in order to verify an account.

Privacy policy states that the platform does collect user information and stores the data on its servers. Users concerned with privacy can click the “Privacy” tab on the main Exchange site if they want to review the details of the Website privacy policy in full.

When to buy and sell BTC?

The most common form of investing in Bitcoin is buying the currency in hopes it will appreciate in value. If this is the case then you need to decide for yourself if you think this is a good time to buy. Many people say that as long as you get reasonable income lets say 50% and above of your investment that is a best time to sell but in BTC it can almost reach 100% return on investment.

“Bitcoin at this time plays a very small role in the payment system,” – Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said.

Specialists say that now (23.12.17) is the correct time to use the low prices for earning some more coins through the method of trading. Others,say that if you will sell your coins at this time then this would become impossible for you to buy them again in the upcoming many years because the price is expected to touch the level of dollar 10000 in the next year which is quite unreachable. Opinions are just as much as investors.

“In my own opinion there is no best time to sell bitcoins other than any time you need your money because if you sell anyhow you might end up buying higer than the price you sold.”
(reddit user)