Bitcoin Liza? Scam or Legit?

bitcoin liza

Who is LIZA?!

There are many reports of a new cryptorchid named Liza. There is not much information in the internet, and the noise is getting louder.┬áIt’s good to know that the new currency came out when the media announced a new price record for Bitcoin.

Many companies and individuals have the chance to promote their product by making a media search around the name. Especially when Bitcoin dominates the market. It is enough to produce any financial product and announce that it is a crypto, and then quickly and cheaply can promote its name like Liza.
So the clock counts and we will soon learn what Liza is and whether it is worth investing in it.
And see how beautiful the bitcoin course is. Burst?


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Comments about this crypto

“Looks like just another project trying to catch a ride on the waves Bitcoin has created, they seem to be popping up left, right and center. I see a lot of them carrying Ethereum’s name as well and for people who don’ know any better they would think these projects are related to BTC and ETH. It’s just another money making scheme since most bring nothing original nor extra to the table.”

“I received this email from Yobit exchange i still didn’t know what is this new crypto. So is this a new Bitcoin fork or what ? even the name Bitcoin Liza not mike the other crypto that are related to Bitcoin i think it’s realted to Monalisa hahah”
“Whoever buys liza up now, will make 300* of his investments in the investbox in 2 months. Have you ever seen an opportunity like that before? I seriously doubt it. This Liza is a one time opportunity for us guys.”

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