Bitcoin fell dratically at a price on CoinDesk chart ($26.30) Why drops?

Today there was a strange event, because the Coindesk market chart pointed out that the Bitcoin currency is worth nothing anymore. After a while the graph showed the previous value, that is $ 9.925.09 for one Bitcoin. What happened to BTC that it lost so much value?

Bitcoin fell dratically at a price on CoinDesk chart

At the moment, it is not known what caused this mishap, but no doubt, some BTC owners have almost died. On 2 of July Bitcoin fell dratically at a price on CoinDesk chart. Other exchanges have not recorded this event and their charts are stable. It is not known why CoinDesk pointed to such a low value for Bitcoin. See a list of the best exchanges on which you can buy Bitcoin.

CoinDesk  is the leading digital media, events and information services company for the crypto asset and blockchain technology community. This is one of the most well-known places to check Bitcoin prices.

Today Bitcoin fell dratically at a price on CoinDesk chart to $26.30.

As you can see in the chart above, the price of $ 26.30 for one Bitcoin is a terrifying situation. Because BTC did not have such value for many years. This is probably the result of a CoinDesk error. At the moment, the exchange does not send information on this subject. 

“I almost died when I saw this price on CoinDesk. The last days were such that Bitcoin fell a little, so I believed that something bad happened. When I checked other charts, it helped me. (Reddit)”

Bitcoon falls and rises. What’s happening?

In the last days BTC changes down. Some say that the bubble has burst, but as you can see, the currency is trying to bounce back and returns to 10,000 USD. Unfortunately, the price increase is smaller than the decrease.

Many people ask what is happening with Bitcoin, but there are no sensible answers. Some say that the Libra currency is to blame, but others speculate that the problem is speculation that 12,000 USD was a psyche barrier where people started to sell nervously.