Bitcoin exceeded the price of 6000 USD. Binance hacked, but so what!

It’s happening, it’s coming new and BTC is growing again ! Investors on the cryptocurrency market have been awaited. Bitcoin has exceeded the level of 6,000 dollars, for the first time since November. And despite the theft of bitcoins, which took place on the Binance exchange just two nights ago. And it happened despite the theft of bitcoins, which took place on the Binance stock exchange just two nights ago. The question is whether Bitcoin will manage to break this level permanently?

Bitcoin exceeded the price of 6000 USD!

Before noon, the most popular cryptocurrency rate is around USD 50-70 above the round level of USD 6,000. Today’s maximum of $ 6,076.65 is not only the highest rate of bitcoin this year, but the highest rate since November 14 last year.


We’ve reached for such a price

The specialist in the topic in an interview for CNN Business said that the price of bitcoin will triple over the next 18 months and will return to its record level of nearly 20,000. USD. According to him, the only chance of re-reaching these levels is a sudden change in cryptocurrency or devastating attack from hackers. Investors, however, seem to be accustomed to attacks on cryptocurrency exchanges. Declines in bitcoin quotations did not even cause yesterday’s attack on one of the world’s largest digital currency exchanges, Binance, from which 7,000 were stolen. Bitcoins worth USD 40 million. Bitcoin has gone up by 2.5 percent since yesterday.

Why Bitocin is growing?

It’s not exactly why the price of BTC suddenly began to grow. Reportedly, investors’ imagination is affected by this year’s rates of return on bitcoins. In the last 30 days, 15% could have been earned on bitcoin, 68% in three months, and the bitcoin return rate of over 85% from the mid-December minimum of $ 3,131. However, it must be remembered that in this market, you can not only gain, but also lose, even the entire capital. The crypto-currency market is dominated by individual investors, who mostly make investment decisions under the influence of emotions, which affects the market is extremely volatile.

This time, the green color does not dominate the entire cryptocurrency market. Although the biggest tokens are gaining, the increases are much smaller than on bitcoins, and a lot of cryptocurrencies are quoted below their pre-quota rates.