Binance will have to temporarily disable registrations, just paused

binance registrations
As we can read in the Binance news, new registrations are paused:

“Due to the overwhelming surge in popularity, Binance will have to temporarily disable new user registrations to allow for an infrastructure upgrade. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Thank you for your support!”

Update 05.01.2018:
The Exchange Service has published a new message:

“We are noticing an increase in the number of users attempting to resell their accounts on Bianance. Binance would like to reiterate that the selling of accounts poses a significant security risk that can potentially cause a loss of funds and/or accounts being stolen. Binance will not be responsible for any losses related to such activities.”

Registrations Paused

In the last two days, the Binance exchange had a lot of problems with trade services. There were many complaints on online forums, so the Binance crew reached for the old method... pause the registration of new users. Will this definitely help?

Fortunately, a large part of users claims that the stock market is working. Others say that failures are every hour.

“Not sure if anybody else is experiencing the same issue, but I canceled a trade this morning. I can see the ETH amount in my deposit and withdrawal, but in the trade screen, my ETH amount hasn’t “replenished” from my canceled order. So as of right now, I can’t make any purchases with ETH because the trade window shows me as having none essentially.”¬†(Reddit,¬†Yeomanninja)

Many people want to register and wait for information from Binance

Binance! Seriously?

In our opinion, Binance is one of the best stock exchanges. Instead of this exchange, we can recommend this secure platform that is very popular. We are waiting for the next news from the Binance Team and we hope that the registrations will quickly return!