Binance registration problem. 2FA not working

Binance registration 2fa
It’s already the second day of failure at Binance. One of the best stock exchanges has been paralyzed, as a result of many transactions and many new registrations.
>A news appeared on Binance, from which we learn that new registrations are pending until further notice.

“Due to the overwhelming surge in popularity, Binance will have to temporarily disable new user registrations to allow for an infrastructure upgrade. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Thank you for your support!”

Registrations and 2FA not working

New registrations are not the only problem. The Binance Exchane also has a problem with 2fa (two factor authorization) and password recovery. Binance already knew this problem and published advice:
After opening a ticket, please attach the following to it:

1) The front your ID card or passport, with the personal information clearly visible.
2) A picture of the back of your ID card. If using a passport, include a picture of the cover.
3) A picture of yourself with the current date/time on a handwritten note, including your request (“Reset 2FA”), with the front side of your ID card clearly visible.
After you have completed this, we will reset your 2FA as soon as we are able. Once reset, you will be unable to withdraw for 48 hours. This is for the security of your account.

Before the failure, Binance was updating the application.

When will they fix it all?

Binance usually reacts quickly to similar problems. So far, the exchange has had small breakdowns and immediately reported it on Twitter. At the time of writing this news, we have no problems with the Exchange, so maybe it’s the end of problems.

What people say?

“i wish they were more clear, is this what the message: “Verify failed, please reload and try again” means? because I’ve been freaking out like someone stole my login... But it’s odd i can still get on the desktop site and view the markets, i just cant login.” (Reddit, ga1actic_muffin)

“I had this problem earlier last night before the majority of the States woke up. The outbound transfer of ETH from my coinbase wallet was pending for around 2 hours. It is not Binance, Coinbase had huge network congestion. You might be able to see the amount of confirmations where it would say pending on your btc/eth wallet through the mobile application. It didn’t show it to me on pc” (Reddit, The_Crowned_King).