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About us, or what we do and why

The BitcoinEthereum.eu website contains information about current events from the world of cryptocurrencies. Reviews of popular stock products that can be purchased from online stores. We write reviews, check comments on the internet and evaluate the product. We try to be objective and reliable.

On our site you can read the news from the popular categories below:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Lisk
  • Dash
  • Exchange platforms
  • Wallets for cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin and Ethereum

On this page, the most news relates to the Bitcoin and Ethereum currencies. But often we write about stock exchanges, gossip and curiosities. We make every effort to ensure that after reading our messages the reader has a simpler way of making a decision to buy a given cryptocurrency. That is why we also place rankings of popular stock exchange products. In the rankings we review the best products from a given category. We strive to ensure that our rankings of the best products are created by two editors. We hope that reading our opinions will be useful for you.

We also inform you that the website is not run by specialists and we can not take responsibility for unfavorable investments on the stock exchange.

Our editorial team

At present, four people write on www.BitcoinEthereum.eu: Tom, Michael, Andre and Monica. We ensure that our editors try to choose interesting and innovative topics 😉

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